Make Your Own Toy Tutorial (By Ramya Vivek)

Make Your Own Toy (#DIY, #Craftsforkids)

Kids like toys – it’s an universal truth

The fact is, if the toys are made by themselves, they will love it and enjoy more

“The best toys are 90 per cent kid, 10 per cent toy, with play fueled largely by the child’s imagination” – Famous Quote by Josh Golin, Executive Director of ‘Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood’

So, a toy not necessarily be a branded or costly one, the child himself / herself can do it on their own

Here is such a toy, which can be done by kids on their own, with things available at every home

Things Needed:-

  1. Cardboard
  2. Scissors
  3. Colour Paper for Decoration (optional)
  4. Colour pen / pencil
  5. Fevicol / clue gun
  6. Beads
  7. Transparent Sheet

Step 1

Cut the cardboard and colour paper in round shape. Paste the paper on cardboard and decorate it

Step 2

Cut the cardboard into strips like this and pull out one layer. This is needed because, seperating layers makes the cardboard more flexible to design easily

Step 3

Stick colour paper (optional)

Step 4

Paste the bigger strip in the outer part of the circle

Step 5

Now mark the place where the smaller strips has to be placed and then glue them to its place

Step 6

Place some beads inside. Stick the transparent sheet on top of the circle, so that beads won’t fall out

Step 7

Now cut a circle as shown in the picture and stick it on the top circle 

Step 8

Decorate it using your creativity and it’s done

You can also do the same toy in different shapes and styles, using your imagination.
Here is some other variations given for you to try

About Ramya Vivek

Author of this article Ramya Vivek is a MBA graduate and was an Assistant Professor at a ‘B’ School. Currently, a stay-at-home parent 

She is very passionate about arts / crafts, keep on exploring in that zone, to enhance the creativity of kids

Her Instagram page is a proven example for her creativity. Most projects shown there can be done by kids, with little help from adults or older kids

Ramya is giving online sessions for kids, which would nurture your child’s creative brain and keep them engaged as well

If you are interested in enrolling your child for the session, connect with her at

Me and Ramya met as colleagues, then best buddies for more than 7 years now

Thank you Ramya, for sharing your craft and time for Sahana Magazine

Here’s the link to Ramya’s Instagram page –

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